New Zeal from New Zealand!

This is an incomplete post salvaged from the internet archive.

-by John

At 3:09 I got a call from Damian Ryan, one of the delegates from New Zealand, in regard to setting up a meeting. We agreed to touch base tomorrow (Friday) to finalize a lunchtime meeting. At 3:30 I called him back requesting audience with the Minister Responsible for Climate Change Issues, Mr. David Parker of New Zealand. Damian said he would call back with an answer, which he did at around 4:00 as I was in a side event on the interaction of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UNFCCC. I ducked out to answer, and Damian asked if 4:40 would work…hmmm…less than 40 minutes to get a smattering of youth representation, documents printed, and a strategy meeting…SURE!

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