A Danish and some Research

This is an incomplete post salvaged from the internet archive.

-by Sarah

Adaptation from the Arctic to the Tropics… what did Denmark have to say about this? I was hoping for a more progressive discussion, to be honest. The side event this afternoon focused almost entirely on climate models, and the research that institutions such as the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Meteorological Institute are doing about climate change, globally and regionally. Interesting, to be sure, but lacking in depth- basically, the models were the same as other models I have been bombarded with- rising surface and land temperatures, retreating sea ice. Predictions were dire- more extreme weather events, even one model that predicted (on one day) that a tropical cyclone might appear in the Mediterranean. Indeed, much of the research was focused on Europe, and Poul Frich of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency gave an overview of specifically Danish policy around adaptation.

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